Rich countries are also to be blamed because they exacerbate it. They focus on their self-interest of developing their own country`s economy and exchange unfair deals and operate markets in an unfair manner, (how? elaborate) hence making their (whose?) poverty situation even worse. Some rich countries increase protection barriers for their own industries, locking out the exports from poorer countries. As developing countries are unable to sell their goods, their exports earnings decreases which leads to an increase in their debt burdens. Thus, their situation of poverty has never improved.

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Rich nations should interfere and help these poor countries as they themselves are also responsible for the plight of the poor today. Rich nations are to be blamed because they cause poverty in less developed countries. They focus on their self-interest of developing their own country’s economy and those waste resources that are not of use to them anymore are being dumped into poor nations, hence causing their poverty situation to be even worse. As poor nations are able to earn some revenue from the recycling of these waste resources, they have little choice but to buy it over from rich nations, in the hope of developing their own economy. However the waste resources sometimes far exceed the capacity of the recycling industry, such that the poor nations are unable to process the waste, thus further exacerbating poverty, and this decreases their standard of living even more. For example, in 2006, 500 tonnes of chemical sludge from heavy industry were dumped around Ivory Coast’s main city of Abidjan, killing at least 10 people and causing tens of thousands to fall ill. The waste came from a tanker of a Dutch company called Trafigura Beheer BV, which took the sludge to Africa after disposal costs in other areas such as Amsterdam were deemed too expensive. However, a local company in Ivory Coast that agreed to take the waste lacked proper disposal facilities and supposedly dumped the waste around the city at night. Although Trafigura has offered to compensate the Ivorian government $240 million, it has denied responsibility of any deaths or injuries. Hence, considering that rich nations are an external party towards these less developed countries and because they further aggravate the situation of poverty in these poor countries, they should all the more shoulder the blame for the current predicament of the poor.

How does not being able to process waste exacerbate poverty? Logical leap. You have a good argument in the last sentence of your paragraph, however your example does not seem to prove it.

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Looking at the issue at a political point of view, the governance of a country plays an important role in the lives of people. The citizens in a country may face poverty if they have a corrupted government in their society. This is because the political leaders would keep the money to themselves instead of spending it on development projects that will benefit the people. Unfair distribution of income would result in the instability of a nation, such as riots. When there is high levels of corruption, there would be a fall in investments. Subsequently, it results in low levels of employment which makes the poor remain in poverty cycle. For instance, Kenya is ranked 147/180 in the world on Corruption Perception Index. So? What is the result of Kenya being ranked so lowly? As a result of the corruption in kenya ....... ? This shows that corrupted government contributes to the poverty of a nation.

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Rich countries have to be blame other than the poor themselves as they are responsible for the plight of the poor. Rich countries exploite the resources of the poor, which prevent the poor from improving their life. The rich countries exploited the poor resources such as labours and raw materials, as some of these rich countries faced a lack of resources or have an aging workforce or both. When the rich countries exploited skilled workers or resources from the poorer countries, it may result in the poor having lesser raw materials and skilled workers, which may in turn, caused their countries productivity capacity to fall. Hence, the poor may have a small or no development in their economy or standard of living. In addition, some of these poor are being underpaid for their labour, as most of these countries such as China and India manufactured goods for a living. This may result in the poor being unable to meet their daily needs due to low income Thus, the poor remain poor.

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