Over the past decades, the knowledge of science has resulted in development of new military technology causing loss of lives and greater destruction. The knowledge of science is suppose to be for the greater good to help us understand the world and to use it to improve our life. In contrast, it has resulted in the drop in quality of life. (in all areas?) However, one cannot argue about the benefits that science has brought to mankind with the development of technology such as modern transport and the internet. Science is just knowledge and it depends on how we humans apply them either for the good or bad. So, it is not science that disappointed us but it we human that disappointed ourselves as we have misused the knowledge of science (in what ways?).

Science has provided solutions to many problems in our lives. Science has allowed us to better understand the diseases that were thought to be incurable in the past such as tuberculosis and cancer. It has lead to a breakthrough in medical science as now we are able to cure these diseases. This resulted in many people lives that can be saved and the quality of life improved as we have a greater life expectancy. Science has enable us to know more about the production of crops and we are able to adopt better and more effective farming methods. With the growing world population, there might not enough food to meet the demand. Knowledge of science has helped us to produce more food to solve the problem of shortage of food.- how? Give some examples - e.g biotechnology, GM foods.

Chua Zong Hao 2S18

Science is the knowledge of the the nature in the world we are living in. Over the years, the knowledge of science has provided us with solutions to our problems. it has also greatly improved our standard of living. Although science has benefitted humans, some humans themselves still chose to misuse the knowledge of science which has in turn brought harm to others. Hence, science has not disappoint us as it is just a knowledge but it is us humans who have misused the knowledge of science that disappoint ourselves.

Science has resulted in technology that has led to creation of internet and smartphones. This has greatly improved our standard of living as it has brought about globalization where people from all over the world is now able to connect and communicate more conveniently. For example, people from different parts of the world are now able to maintain their relationship better through the use of web cameras. They feel 'closer' as compared to communication through a telephone since they are able to see their loved ones communicating with them. Hence, this knowledge of science has brought about convenience in communication between people.

Your second paragraph is example driven! where is your main argument?
Goh Yilin 2S18

Science is basically knowledge of the world of nature and it has existed since the dawn of human existence. It allows us to understand various issues around us and hence, enabling us to predict the future. Because of this, we believe we can control everything and thus this gives us confidence. Hence more often than not, humans assume that they know everything. With this confidence, humans have the propensity to surge even further to develop new things, for example technology. To say that science has disappointed us would mean that it has simply not met our expectations, given that it has not provided solutions for the problems we face and that it has not really improved our lives. However, it would be unjustifiable if we assert that science has disappointed us entirely because it is simply knowledge, and thus it is heavily dependent on how humans apply it to their daily lives, which is critical in our judgement on whether science has really disappointed us.( Yolanda, this is a very good thesis! Keep it up! This is what I expect from you.)

When humans develop technology based on the confidence they have that science has given them, it is imperative to note that science definitely brings about more problems than the solutions that it creates (problematic - are you sure of this claim?). Given the modern technology in the world today, it is proven that science has enabled us to develop new machines and infrastructure that increases our standard of living. For example, when a country has an improvement in its technology, this would mean that the country is experiencing an increase in productive capacity and as such, leading to an increase in economic growth. Thus increasing our standard of living and proving that it has attempted to solve pressing issues such as poverty. However, because of this improvement in technology, it would mean that there is more pollution in the environment because of heavy industrialization emitting out carbon dioxide, leading to a far greater problem of global warming. Hence, when global warming becomes more severe in the world, it would then mean that science has created more major problems instead of the minute solutions that it brings about. Thus in this aspect, science has definitely disappointed us..T

This paragraph needs to be improved. Ask yourself questions like : Why did humans implement technology that pollutes the environment? Have our lives improved in spite of the pollution?

Yolanda Tan

Science is the knowledge of many things around us. It has aided in the creation of inventions and many technology and this provided many soloutions to our problems. Many of mans creation had improved many lifes of people. However, there are people who abuse science and took advantage of technology just for their self will. Hence, I do not agree that science has disappointed us as science is just knowledge and it is us who misuse it.

Science had led us to a new era which allowed us to develop technology that improves our lives. The creation of aircraft was to allow people from different countries to travel in a safe and fast way to their destination which helps us to save time. However, this same creation had led to the invention of "Predator" an unmanned aircraft. It can be remotely controlled to fire off missles which will kill enemy without fearing the loss of allies. However, innocent lives are lost in the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the remoted controlled airplane.
Since people can control whether science benefits or harms us, science had not dissapointed us but we had dissapointed ourself as it depends on the individual who uses science.

A logical argument. Well done. Can you think of an example besides the predator to show how science can be misused?

Over the years, with the knowledge of science, we are able to make various changes to the world we live in. Science is knowledge and man is the ones applying this knowledge by making new products to satisfy our personal wants. Depending on how we use the knowledge, it may have given us benefits such as improving the quality of our lives. However, within the benefits we are able to enjoy, there are also limitations to it, such as we are unable to foresee when a natural disaster will occur. Therefore, whether or not science has disappointed us, will depend on whether it has improved our quality of lives, whether it has solve the problems we have and does it allow us to understand the world better.

Science has disappointed us as even though it has brought about solutions, some major problems have not been solved. This is because in the process of finding solutions to alleviate the problem, we tend to be unable to foresee the outcome of the solutions. As a result, sometimes, instead of solving the problem, more new problems were created. When more new problems were created, people had to come up with newer solutions to solve the new problems. An example will be the genetically modified cotton which was experimented in India. The main aim of using genetically modified cotton is to shorten the harvesting period and to increase yield of cotton. However when it was close to the harvesting period, there were large appearance of new pest which were never seen before. It destroyed the cotton and harmed people’s lives. During the period of cultivating the cotton, many people develop a skin allergy. This shows that the aim of cultivating the genetically modified cotton had not been achieved. With man limited knowledge of science and science does not show that such a situation will occur, farmers lives were harmed. Moreover, we cannot cultivate the genetically modified cotton if there a natural disaster occurs such as famine and drought. Therefore, science has disappointed us.

Esther (2s18)