Over the past years, Man has continually strived(striven) to expand their knowledge of science in order to increase the level of technology available to us. This would in turn, allow us to enjoy a higher quality of life and standard of living, by helping us with improvements in sanitation, entertainment and life expectancy among other areas. Thus, I would agree that these improvements in science has shown that it has not disappointed us however, there are still some areas of science that has still not improved our lives or has even negatively affected us like the Predator drones used by the US which has caused a lot of collateral damage in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The various improvements in science has resulted in many breakthroughs in technology like the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles, which was meant as a safe and effective way for commanders to observe the things going on in a battlefield as there is no need for someone to man the planes, cutting down on the risk to human lives. However, this same drone has been modified to carry missiles which can be remotely fired to kill enemy combatants. But more often than not, the devastating effects of the missile would be felt by the non-combatants around, namely innocent women, children and the elderly, maiming or killing them, which is not what it was intended to do. Thus, this improvement in science has disappointed us as it has negatively affected the lives of others.

Nigel 2S05
Nigel, you need to rework your thesis statement. it is rather limited. You can come up with a better one by stating the criteria for judgement.

In the modern era, humans have discovered and learned more about the natural world. They made use of these knowledge to invent new technologies that have help improved our quality of life by making things more accessible and much more convenient. However, there are also adverse effects like environmental and health impacts. Humans themselves also misused science as a tool and excuse for killing. Hence, science has not always disappointed us but has fulfilled its promises and it is also us humans that disappoint ourselves.

One of the factors that science has disappointed (Clear contradiction of your thesis !)us is that it has led to technology that harms us. There are unforeseen side effects that technology could lead to like pollution of the environment. The industrial wastes that factories produced have resulted in air, land, water and noise pollution. These adversely affect the climate change and ozone depletion which will cause health impacts over all nations. Studies have estimated that the number of people killed annually in the most polluted country, US could be over 50,000. Hence, science brings about technology that can lead to negative health impacts which could harm our lives.


Science has not disappointed us. The process of studying science allowed mankind to understand and gain knowledge about the world, developing technology which helps to improve the standard of living and quality of life of people. Science helps to change man’s perceptions and the way we view the world, through testing theories and learning the patterns of the natural world. Without science, man would be living in ignorance now because science had dispelled many of the myths to be false. The improvements in science have allowed man to fulfill its promises, developing technology to improve our lives. One example is the medical advancements science had brought, allowing us to have the ability to extend our lifespan with better medicines, vaccines, treatments, cures and preventions. Statistics had shown that the average lifespan of mankind has increased from 30-45 years in the early 20th Century to 67.2 years in 2010.
Even though science has led to technology that improves our lives, on the other hand it has also led to technology that harms us. But it does not mean that science has disappointed us, it is actually the person who invented technology with the wrong intentions that disappointed us. One example is the use of Predator by US on Afghanistan and Pakistan during wars, killing many innocent lives.
Dai Xuan Hui
For you example of the predator, you need to explain how people use it for the wrong intentions.

In this day and age, science has been brought to greater heights as people come up with new inventions and discoveries through the knowledge and application of science. The goal of science is to study nature that will help people improve their lives. However, science has disappointed us due to the failure to fulfill its goals. It did not improve the quality of people's life and has also led to invention of technology that harm us.
Science has led to technology that harms us due to the design of technology and the unforeseen side effects. Some technology are used with evil intentions and has harm the lives of many people. One such example is the invention of dynamite by Alfred Nobel. The intention of the dynamite is not to be used as a killer weapon yet it is used as a weapon in wars and had killed many innocent lives. Abortion is yet another example. Science has lead to th discovery of abortion which just a simple operation is enough to end a life. Hence, in this way, science has indeed disappoint us. (YiRong, 2S05)

Over the years, science has satisfied man’s needs of wanting to learn more about the world. This has led to many scientific discoveries and innovations which created technologies that have helped us improve our quality of life and allowed us to gain more knowledge about the world. Thus, I disagree that science has disappointed us as it has brought us much more benefits as compared to the disadvantages.
Science is making advances at an amazing rate and this has allowed us to develop technology that improves our lives. The development of science has created rockets and satellites which has allowed us to travel to places like the moon. This has allowed mankind to learn more about the outer space instead of just believing in myths. Also, the satellite has allowed us to transmit information to people in other countries within a short period of time. This has allowed us improve our quality of life and allowed us to gain more knowledge about the world. Without science, man now would still be living in ignorance and acting based on myths which are wrong. Thus, I feel that science has not disappointed us.
Samantha 2S05

With science, man has learned more about the world and with the knowledge gained, they created modern technology which made our lives simpler and improving our standard of living. The improvement in the standard of living drives man to pursue more knowledge from science, creating far better and modern technologies that enhance our everyday lifestyles, hence science has fulfilled it's promises and has shown that it has not disappointed us. However science has also led to technology that harms man such as nuclear weapons which has claimed the lives of many innocent victims in it's path of destruction.

As technology improves, the devastation that resulted from weapons of mass destruction also increases. Technology has not only made normal lifestyles more convenient, but also made warfare more convenient as US invents war-machines such as unmanned predator drones that annihilates it's enemies efficiently. However, because of the huge area of effect caused by the predator's missles, innocent lives are lost in the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It may seem that science has let mankind down, however it is actually the other way around because man has used science for the wrong purposes. Science itself has no morals, but man has the morals to decide what is right or wrong, and when it comes to weapons of mass destruction, it is humans who have disappointed themselves instead of science.
Erwin 2S05

The aim of science is to allow us to understand the phenomenons of the world and aid in invention of technology to improve our quality of life. Even though it is being made used of in aiding inventions of weapons of mass destruction and other forms of technology which harms humans and lower our quality of life, science has also helped in aiding many other useful technology. An example would be the seismometer, which is an instrument to measure ground movements and hence helps in saving people from being trapped in an earthquake. In addition, it has also provided us with the knowledge and technology to clone insulin genes which helped save many diabetics. Thus, I do not agree that science has disappointed us as science have allowed us to gain much knowledge which has helped improve our quality of lives drastically despite being misused by people in certain inventions.
Abigail 2S05

The goal of science is to study the world and develop and accumulate knowledge to help us improve our lives. Thus with the knowledge, technology is made possible. Science has not disappointed us because it has helped to fulfill its promise in improving our quality of life and allowed us to gain knowledge about the world. With science, man do not have to believe in myths that are wrong. Science has also allowed us to develop technology that improves our lives. It can increase our lifespan due to all the medical advancements. However, science can also disappoint us when harmful technology, such as weapons are invented. However, science is basically just knowledge. It is the person who applies the knowledge that has disappointed us. Thus I do not agree that science has disappointed us. ( good use of qualifiers, you did not contradict yourself.)

Science has allowed us to develop technology to help improve our quality of life. Science has helped in medical advancements where better medicines, vaccines, treatments, cures and preventions are invented. With better healthcare available, this will extend our lifespan. This is because with better treatments, lesser(fewer) people will die from illnesses. A terminally ill patient can still have hope as they can be freezed and be revived in the future when a cure has been discovered for his condition. Thus, the people’s quality of life will improve as they do not have to worry about the illnesses they get (are you sure they don't worry? )and so science did not disappoint us.
Fanyi 2S05

Science is the studying of the world, so as to better our understanding of it. It purposes is to better human’s lives, by allowing better standard of living, higher quality of life and resolving problems that directly impact human’s life. However, has science failed it this aspects, have it disappointed us, humans? Science as mention is but studying, it is neutral. It is usually what humans do with science that has results in both the benefits and drawback in our live. But science is also not foolproof, thus there are instances in which science failed to improve our quality of life, but where will humans be without science. Hence I feel that science have not disappointed us.

Advancement in technology is a result of science. It has led to the invention of numerous objects such as airplanes and rockets have allowed humans to made great stride in its development. The ability to travel across countries, the power to probe the mystery of space, all this has lead to an improvement in humans life, as well as deepen our understanding of the world, no universe. However, the same technology, when misused by humans instead leads to death and destruction. Fighter Jet, predator droids, rocket missiles, these weapon of war are also created from the same scientific theories. The death of innocent civilian, destruction of homeland, a degradation of human’s quality of life. All this are the faults of human, the result of human’s actions. Science is but the metal on the sword. Hence science has not disappointed us, while when misused, it caused loss of life, but when utilised properly, it does better human’s life.
Eng Kiat (2S05)

Well done Eng Kiat, I like your use of the analogy - metal on the sword. Keep it up!